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ISO 9001 company with CE, ASME U & U2 & NB certifications
Vijay Tanks and Vessels (P) Limited - Since 1956
Vijay Tanks & Vessels Ltd

Welcome to Vijay Tanks & Vessels Pvt. Ltd.

Vijay Tanks & Vessels PVT. Ltd. is an international Engineering, Procurement, Fabrication & Construction Company in the Energy Sector and amongst the World's Leading Service Providers for Storage Tanks & Process Equipment.
Equipment Verticals
Storage Tanks
Low Temperature & Cryogenic Storage Tanks
Low Pressure Storage Tanks
Atmospheric Storage Tanks
High Pressure Spheres
Mounded Storage Bullets
Silos & Gas Holders
Equipment Verticals
Process Equipment
Columns & Towers
Pressure Vessel & Heat Exchangers
Reactors & Separators
Pipe Spools & Process Skids
Fired Heaters & Flare Stacks
Modular Steel Structures
Vijay Tanks and Vessels (P) Limited - Since 1956
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