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Vijay Tanks and Vessels Limited - Since 1956
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Flagship Projects

Project Process columns and pressure vessels for PFCC Unit of MRPL, Phase III Refinery Expansion Project
Owner Mangalore Refinery and Petrochemicals Limited
PMC Engineers India Limited.
EPC Contractor Vijay Tanks & Vessels (P) Ltd.
Location Mangalore
Equipment Size & Qty. Main Fractionator -8.00 M Dia X 48.75 M Length-1 No. C3 Stripper- 7.00 M Dia X 70.80 M Length-1 No. C3 Rectifier- 7.00 M Dia X 67.00 M Length-1 No. Spent Catalyst Hopper- 6.00 M Dia X 23.90 M Length-2 Nos. Main Fractionator Reflux Drum - 6.80 M Dia X 14.50 M Length-1 No Main Fractionator Distillate Drum- 6.00 M Dia X 15.00 M Length-1 No. Wet Gas Compressor KO Drum- 4.90 M Dia X 5.05 M Length- No. High Pressure Separator- 5.80 M Dia X 17.40 M Length-1 No. C3 Rectifier Reflux Drum -4.60 M Dia X 14.00 M Length-1 No. Hot Water Belt Drum - 4.80 M Dia X 14.80 M Length-1 No.
Equipment Type Columns and Pressure Vessels
Total Tonnage 3619 MT
Year of Completion 2011
Project Scope Design, supply, fabrication, assembly, welding, testing, PWHT, painting, delivery of 5 nos. columns and 6 nos. pressure vessels

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